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Lochie's News

Posted by Lochie - May 2nd, 2009

Posted by Lochie - April 24th, 2009

I realised I could post every 7 days now instead of 14. :3

Start off with new submission
Now that's out of the way, heres the good bit.

NG Melbourne Meet went great, it was fun, I shook Luis', Neil's &Ross' hands; in which great orgasmic happiness gained over my body, not.

Well the day started for me at 10AM, I got ready to go to the meet, had a shower and all that jazz.
After the shower my hair went all curly and stuff, because of the wetness, my hairdryer wasn't oh so quick today, so I attempted straightening my hair while it was wet, which just made it look as if I am a wave in the pacific ocean, which is a great look for me. Neil thought it was an actual style, which made me feel better about myself.

Anyway, enough about my metrosexuality. I expected my train to take a good hour and a half to get to the city, but surprisingly only took 28 minutes. So I had a good hour and a half to get to the meet up point, and do absolutely nothing.
So I took my time, I got some MacDonalds on the way. I felt odd walking around in the city on my lonesome, but it was a nice day just to relax.

I got to the meet up point, I noticed CarbonWater was already there, just looking for somebody to join him. I've already met him once before at the start of the year at the Meetup that I started.
Well anyway, we left the meet up point due to another 45 minutes left until everybody comes over, we went for a walk just chatting about life and animations. We went past a building in which looked as if it was stuck in the 4th Dimension, which was fairly cool. It was just a building with lots of poles coming out of it which where all in the shapes of cubes.

We found our way back to the meet place, there were already 2 of the gang of users there already, they came up to me because of my newgrounds shirt, obviously due to the reason I was wearing it.
Anyway, after a few minutes, wouldn't you know it. 4channers came from around the corner, wearing their V masks, some in pajamas. Way to make a statement, they finally got out of their bedrooms with their laptops, grabbed a couple of masks, and went on their way to a raid.
I thought they were raiding our meet, but turns out it wasn't for us, they were on another scientology raid. One of them came up to me proclaiming my shirt was nice, I didn't know what to do, so I just commented on the mask.

More and more users came, Master-Samus appears and gave a few of us mugs, which was great, best drink of milk I've ever had was in there.
Well finally Luis turned up, in which I shook his hand, greatest achievement to do.

Approx. 18 people I believe turned up. Shortly after we left to go to Crown, we waltzed our way down the street, once we got there we decided to have something to eat, a few of us went upstairs to the fast food section, everybody choosing their place, then we ate, then Samus rang me, telling us to get our asses down so we could go to a restraunt that Luis has got us a table for, so we ditched our food and went on our way.

We had a great time at lunch, I didn't order anything except a drink, but I took a few chips from somebodys bowl which was infront of me, and stole a sip from a certain somebodys drink, I thank him for it aswell, it was refreshing.
We went on with our conversations, I attempted to pour my coke into my mug that Samus gave me, but instead it decided to go down the outside of the glass and leak from the bottom, so I decided to do some ninja moves and let gravity have the liquid fall from the bottom of the glass into my mug, felt weird pouring it. Neil got aggitated and grabbed the glass and poured it all in, he is now my hero.

Neil also gave me some wooden pegboard type thing, only use I could find for it was hitting Neil over the back with it, and creating a type of dynamic machine out of about 50 of them, which was cool when you moved one of them the whole thing would do some type of movement.
Then destroying the mechano.
As Neil told me, "Always remember, "violence is the answer.""

After lunch we got to Galactic Circus, an arcade basicly. We played laser tag, in which Samus' instructional animation told us that we were playing a team match, in which Samus decides to go and kill us all instead. Samus are a dick.

After 1 round for me, and 3 for mostly the rest, we went outside and hung out, Samus does some shuffling, I draw on this book that somebody gave me (image below), all good fun.

It was getting dark, I didn't really want to walk to the train station while it was dark, so I left a little bit early. Neil, surprising was nice enough to offer to take me there then come back, but I'm just to manly for that. I think.

All in all, I wish I could've stayed longer, and I cannot wait for the next one.

I might as well love you for reading this.

<3 Lochie.

New flash submission && Australia Meet! }else{ I get monies if you clicked.. :3 }

Posted by Lochie - April 12th, 2009

So the Newgrounds Aussie Meet up is coming up at the end of this week/start of next week.
I hope to see some fairly awesome people there.

RubberNinja'slittle sister Bec has entered a online modelling competition. So because I'm the supportive not-really-a-friend-but-want-to-help-o ut-anyway friend of Rubberman, I decided to help. :3
And basicly copy his news post.. OH WELLS.

All you need to do is:

Go to this facebook group and join, you can leave straight after if you wish, nobody will think you're a tool or anything..

Then go to this link and click "like" and leave a comment if you feel cool or something (it helps her our more too).

That's it!

Here's a photo of my mates and I at the skatepark's half pipe.
We love our skateboards. <3

Aussie Meet Up  &&  Help RubberNinja's sister out! ;)

Posted by Lochie - April 4th, 2009

I'm leaving tomorrow morning, coming back sometime end of the week.


Also, just submitted a new game, Goddamn Flies.
Made it in a mear 2 hours, it's interesting enough.

Going away for a week.

Posted by Lochie - April 1st, 2009


Posted by Lochie - March 24th, 2009

But I get cash from games, so it's alright. :3

I figured out that I have no imagination when it comes up thinking up ideas, it's always corny and cliché.
Maybe I should hire writers..

Also, I think I need to cut down on the solitaire, I've played over 500 games this month of it, and only won 10 times, that's a good ratio if you ask me.

ZaconFire.comhas also been released for quite some time, forgot to make a plug about it, I think now is an alright time for that.

Here's a video of me doing a kickflip with my new fisheye lens for my video camera, I need to tighten my trucks so I can land less wonky..

/* */
Anywho, until next time, I leave you with a drawing done with my dear mouse, in who feels depressed because I don't draw with him as often as I used to, he is also jealous of Sir Tablet, that's Toms fault I say to my fair mouse, but he just wont listen..

Maybe I should animate more instead of making games all the time. Also, my website plug ZOMG. Hey I can keep writing in this.

Posted by Lochie - March 13th, 2009

Take that Mr. 'I make freaky animations that are quite excellent animated but are too fucking weird to actually watch more than twice'.

Still love you though..

Also, who else is upset about the contents at the bottom of each page on NG, with the submission of the week or daily winners whatever, the contrast is too off, it hurts the eyes. D:

I'm only posting this to make Catoblepas post fall off the frontpage.

Posted by Lochie - March 1st, 2009

stickBrix cheats:

no shake - makes screen stop shaking.
allLives - cannot lose lives.
rig face - makes all stick figures heads into Rig from the newgrounds audio mod team.
god mode - makes stick figures have god face.
awesome face - awesome faces on stick figures.
hominid - alien hominid faces.
stolen - Makes flash stolen from eBaums.
divide by zero - crashes the game.

-Lochie <3

Posted by Lochie - February 28th, 2009

Posted by Lochie - February 6th, 2009

Nade Reborn; Zomg.



Nade Reborn.