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Comments (28)

no way mate - its superb!

Too easy :P

No but seriously though, beat it :)

Poorly executed, imo.

More or less a medal whoring chore than actual "fun", so I guess you accomplished your goal.

Game? More like half-assed attempt at whoring IWBTG. Seriously, did you ever try running the two side-by-side? You could've at least TRIED to make it run decently, but in its current state, your pseudo-game couldn't even dream of being well-made.

Nah, I liked the bugs. Made it more mental, kept it on edge a bit more. Sometimes the bugs worked with me, sometimes against.

Also, the thing about the double jump? Most of those comments could be solved by stating that you can't double jump after falling off things. You get one jump on the ground, and one in the air. If you don't use your ground one, then you only get one jump.

I'd leave this as a review but I already put one in.

I really don't think you know how to code. Difficult games are fun, but they shouldn't be difficult because their controls and hitTests are faulty. There are some actually fun and difficult games out there that aren't riddled with awful glitches.

I don't want to sound like an idiot. I get that the glitches of sort exist on purpose. But they're not fun. I get the game, and the joke that it's supposed to be hard. But it's so meh.

seriously man whats your avatar from, I've seen that face from everywhere except drawn with different hair/clothing.

I love how you justify the actual shoddy hits and collision with saying "That's the point." It's not the fact that the game is hard, it's the fact that it's like effort was made but you said "Lets have a lulz factor of going to an earlie build and use that instead. Make them n00bs rage 4 realz" But whatevs. It's a homage to the original. Just not a good one.

Wow lucky i agree with you this game sucked... So yea hated just like you wanted.

Do I have to PM you to get the medal? I'll find out.

THIS IS TEH MOST HARDEST GAME EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
. . . . . . . .,`. . .`--'..
. . . . . . . . . .,. . . . . .~ .`- .
. . . . . . . . . ,'. . . . . . . .O. O__
. . . . . . . . _l. . . . . . . . . . . .\_/
. . . . . . . _. '`~-.. . . . . . . . . .,'
. . . . . . .,. .,.-~-.' -.,. . . ..'-~`
. . . . . . /. ./. . . . .}. .` -..,/
. . . . . /. ,'___. . :/. . . . . .
. . . . /'`-.l. . . `'-..'..............
. . . /. . . . . . . . . . . . .)-.....l
. ../..............-........-'. . . ,'
. .',. . ,....... . . . . . . . . .,'
. . . .' ,/. . . . `,. . . . . . . ,
. . . . .l. . . . . ;. . . /__
. . . . /. . . . . /__. . . . .)
. . . . '-.. . . . . . .)

Go Die. Your programming skills are horrible, the hit boxes on all the things that can kill you are, unrealistic. Also the main reason people die in your new game, is because the programming for the controls is sloppy. You have ruined the original IWTBTG, by making this cheap, horrible, and sloppy rip off; I only hope that you see the grave error you've made, and that you will commit suicide for your horrible action.

Go die, burn in hell, etc -Ghost

I got an idea for your next game. Make it good.

d *_* b

Impossible completable game if you bump into sometime but not the house DIE and NO JUMP CONTROL.

Yea I love how you totally discredit Kayin. It's like making a parody except you take credit for it and put a tiny strip at the bottom that says "oh yea this is where I got my ideas and graphics from". It's true tho it really is hard cause of how shitty you programmed movement and how lazy you programed spike zones. Really hoped someone would make it a flash game. Too bad it had to be you.

I actually liked it, and found it pretty fun!

"Hey, here's an idea! Let's take an already well-loved game, suck all the fun out of it and try to pass it off as an original idea!" You seem to think that IWBTFG is a ground-breaking revolutionary masterpiece that "disagrees with the usual concept of how games work" - well, I have to hand it to you there. It certainly does disagree with the generally accepted concept that games should be entertaining.

lawldeelawldeelawl. Faggot

Here's a rough walkthrough for "I wanna be the flash game"

1st screen: Jump over the spike. Don't double jump or the roof will kill you.
The cloud will fall, so tap right until it does to pass safely.

2nd screen: The fourth spike will shoot up if you try to jump over it. You can get close to it by tapping right and trigger it so it doesn't kill you.

3rd screen: SAVE. Hop onto the horizontal spike by double jumping (w+w). There is a hidden spike behind the death counter, so take note of that.

4th screen: Small spikes come from the ground. Double jump in between the two long spikes to avoid them, then hurry to the next screen.

5th screen: No tricks here. Just jump over the spikes.

6th screen: The spikes will rotate, just wait. Once they all face downwards, hurry across.

7th screen: SAVE. Jump over spikes. Fall down below.

8th screen: Get to the top platform and double jump once the foe takes 3 steps. Repeat about 5 times, and it will walk off. You'll get the second hidden medal.

9th screen: Take note of the gaps between the spikes. This is where platforms from the ground will kill you. Tap right to trigger and avoid them. There are 3 in total, the last one being after the spikes.

10th screen: UGH. Probably the most frustrating screen in the game, due to the fact that double jumping can fail here. SAVE once you get to the top, then fall down to the platform below. Three things to remember:

1: You need to move with the platforms
2: Use your first jump to go straight up, then move left or right with your second jump.
3: Once you make it to the fourth platform up, double jump and move left to reach the next screen (you don't have to reach the fifth platform necessarily).


11th screen: SAVE. Ride the wheel up and double jump to the platform above the spikes, landing on the tip of the platform to avoid the trap.

12th screen: The red puzzle pieces are the traps here. Try to get as close as you can to them to activate them without them falling on you (tap right).

13th screen: The word "Death!" will fall, along with the second window frame.
Tap right to avoid the obstacles before they hit you.

14th screen: SAVE. Fall down below, and follow the correct paths on each screen to avoid death:

15th screen: Pit beneath "choose"
16th screen: Far right
17th screen: Far left

18th screen: Avoid the spikes. Easier to go to far right and then jump to avoid first set of spikes. Once you reach the end, try to fall between the two ceiling spikes to avoid the set of spikes on the next screen.

19th screen: DON'T MOVE

20th screen: Get as close to the sloped edge as you can. Once you start slipping, double jump to avoid the spikes and fall down below.

21st screen: This time, the word "of" will fall. Avoid it by tapping right.

22nd screen: Go IN. YOU WILL SAVE HERE. Avoid the obstacles in this part. Once the medal notice pops up, go to the left side of the screen to avoid the final obstacle.

23rd screen: SAVE. The backwards "L" shaped red object up above will fall. Avoid it by tapping right.

24th screen: First, jump on all the red switches from left to right, then all the blue switches from right to left, then all the green switches from left to right. Once the ground turns yellow, it is safe to step on.

25th screen: Dodge the laser. Go up and around.

26th screen: Time your double jumps well to clear the blades. Jump too high and you may drag on the ceiling.

27th screen: The fourth star from the left will fall. Avoid it by tapping right. Fall down below. Ready yourself by holding right.

28th and following screens: Tap the corresponding directional buttons to advance and avoid the blade coming at you. You may get far ahead of the blade, but it can still kill you at the snake-like path. Stay on the inside loops to avoid this, then advance.

29th screen: Avoid the pac-man by timing your landing right after he passes the top left. jump once to avoid his circle around, then head to the next platform and stop. A dot will rise from below (see it?) so tap right to avoid it.

30th screen (bottom): Take the bottom path and avoid the spikes. Right after the last spike, a platform will fall from above. To avoid this, double jump: once exactly over the spike, then again moving to the right to clear it.

31st screen: Agh. The flashes hurt my eyes!! Head up and over the second block on the bottom, then jump on the fourth block from the bottom and head to the fourth block from the top. Double jump to the left and land on the second top platform with the spike (it's a fake) and then hop over to the platform leading off the screen.

30th screen (top): The falling platform that you dodged earlier can still kill you here, so double jump over it from the start. Head up.

32nd screen: Seriously, Night-Mare, are you trying to give me a seizure?! Anyways, no tricks here, though you may want to look away from the screen...

33rd screen: SAVE. Avoid multiples deaths by jumping after falling a bit after walking across the save platform and small ledge. Take the upper path and clear the spikes and next three platforms then fall down between the third and fourth platform, then simply walk to the right then left off screen.

34th screen: Spikes everywhere! Jump to reveal the hidden platforms. Double jump to the third platform, jump once to the fourth and fifth platform, then fall down to the sixth platform and walk left off it without jumping to reach the next room.

35th screen: Oh boy. Run to the left and ready yourself on the edge of the first platform. Double jump once the obstacle passes below, then head to the second platform. Because you may not reach it in time, wait below the second platform near the right side of the screen and double jump once the object safely passes. Wait for the next barrel on the edge of the second platform (near the right side of the screen) then quickly head to the third platform to avoid the object, then to the right side to avoid it again, then head up. Completely avoid you-know-who.

36th screen: Yeah! Nemesis Theory music! SAVE, then head up by jumping on the first triangle barrel, then double jumping to the next, making sure to land on it. then double jump to the next one and then to the next screen.

37th screen: To clear the spikes, fall down below the pits and then jump as you pass by to gain the leverage needed to clear the tops of the spikes.

38th screen: No pattern to the madness. Just head to the right as quickly and cautiously as possible.

39th screen: See all the rectangles with dots? The one with the thicker black line is your obstacle to watch out for by tapping right. WARNING: DON'T JUMP ON THE FAKE SAVE BUTTON. YOU WILL DIE! Clear the fake button and then the spikes by double jumping.

40th screen: One more obstacle to clear. Start your double jump at the peak of the obstacles ascent. SAVE. Do the same thing for the next two obstacles. Fall down below only if you want to enjoy a humorous death.

41st screen: Jump into the mouth once it begins to descend to clear it in time.

42nd screen: Wait, then return to the previous screen to view the obstacle. Jump to the platforms above quickly to clear it, then head right.

43rd screen: No tricks here. Use single jumps to clear the spikes, then fumble your way through the maze to the SAVE area. You may need to use double jumps in some areas.

44th screen: Here, you need to wait until the block is black before jumping for it. You land on black, but fall through white. Head right, then go down.

45th screen: Fall to the blocks when they appear white to land once they turn black. Use double jumps to clear the areas as you head down.

46th screen: jump once you reach this screen to better position yourself to fall down below and past the 47th screen to the final screen.

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