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Year 12 education system, NG Today n shit.

Posted by Lochie - June 4th, 2010

Last year of highschool for me here in Australia, they all say it's a fucking huge deal, saying it will be the outcome of the rest of your life, well fuck that shit.

So far I know my outcome is having to remove my social life, my child-likeness and have lost my time to be able to do the things I love, such as skateboarding, animating, programming, newgrounds and just having fun.
I can barely do either of these things anymore and also I have done close to nothing in flash this year, some of you might be happy with that.

I've pretty much left the BBS since it has turned into a bunch of trolling, overprotective, religious twats with nothing really interesting to say.
I just had a look at general, threads about throwing ketchup, people being mods, fapping to whatever they were going to say in the thread, calling america fat and other stupid things that 12 year olds would write about. There was a point a few years back where it was somewhat good, now it's just turned to shit.

Games and animations don't feel the same as they used to here, only get the lucky few in a month that are somewhat interesting.

Even blog posts today are shit, here is a perfect example.

Year 12 education system, NG Today n shit.

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Who's eyin' my frontpage? O:
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Congrats about graduating man. Hope you'll love college.
Also yes, the bbs is quite a pile of doodoo.

Make moar stuff ):&lt;

I know how you're feeling. My situation this year is quite the same. Good luck.

Last year of school. Here in Lithuania it's a big deal too. You get to take National exams and they show your ranking in the whole country measured by percentage. 100% - you are the best 0% - you are the worst. I chose to study programming and I need something about 80% in mathematics, so thats quite stressful. But heck I'll be happy when it's all over and I'm eager to move away from the maths to making flashes again. This inability to work on flashes (because I have to study hard) really increases motivation on making games I'm eager as hell right now! (My Maths exam is on tuesday).

Remember when we used to talk on aim in big groups of ng's? That was when NG was more fun.

It seems like the bbs hasn't been the same since Willi left either.


So depressing, you are.

Its why you only see the work of animators in college and not those of the younger ones, school is supposed to help us with what we do in life yet half the time its stopping us.

If anything, you'll have more free time after you finish school.

Until you find a job, that is.

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please, yes!

Are you sure the BBS has turned to shit? Or are you yourself no longer 12 and no longer interested in what 12 year olds have to say? I think the latter is more likely true. And that's a good thing. Also, you ever wonder why we see so many animations from people in college? Not I, that's because these colleges are busy telling people to pay them money for a career that has a very limited prospective, how many of these college graduates continue to make flash? Interesting question, I would guess many of them get their spirits broken when they realize that there are few professional opportunities for animators and tens of thousands of students trying to get them... every year.

ngbbs has always been shit bro


i.. i dont know who you are

It's just because you're older.

Also, people only make a big deal out of high school because they don't want you to drop out. There really isn't anything you can do senior year to change what you've done before that, and your HS grades only matter if you're a twat who wants to pay twice as much as normal for private college.

I don't understand why people put so much pressure on kids. If you want them to do well, they should be having fun...