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Our russian has deployed

And then he liberated us.

This song is so awesome, it will forever be in my heart.

Whirlguy responds:

It's cool man, I loved making this song for you. Let me know when you need me again :3

Mass tempo change

What's with the massive tempo change in between 0:35 and 0:40, that put me off a fair bit.

But the rest of the song made up for it.

Very nice, I'd surely buy this album if I found out a way.

MrRandomist responds:

Thanks glad you like it but i dont think there would be an album anytime soon!

Excellent song.

Lyrics are great, music is great, recording is great.

Very good song, I can't pick anything wrong with it, except for the parts were it has an awkward short pause then starts again, (eg. 15-16 seconds in).

Good song, I might download it and put it on my iPod. :3

MrRandomist responds:

Thanks glad you like it and i hope you do!


4th Lochie audio, I feel so loved. :3
I MUST make an animation with all these in them, MUST.

This one is the only one that was a surprise, so thank you for the surprise! :)

I wasn't expecting anymore Lochie audios. :P

Thank you for making my day. <3

Whirlguy responds:

And as it is night overhere, and I am about to take my leave, I say no problem :3
Glad you like it so much, I can't wait to see the animation you're going to make ;)

Love the synth type of thing.

Loops perfectly too, I could see this in a nice battle type of anime, I like it.

Well done, and great way to start the year.


Whirlguy responds:

Hell yes :3
Thank you!

<3 U 2.

Great piece, I still love the little high pitched keys that are softly placed behind the main chords.

Excellent. :D

WritersBlock responds:

FL Keys is awesome, I don't know why people hate it.
Thanks 4 da review, Lochie mate. :3

I love it, it sound way better than before!!

The first version I heard made me want even more, and this has made me climax, dozens of times.

I love the beats in this, everything just feels perfect.

The ending has a nice tone to it too, I like how you have made each instrument (or noise whatever) go out once at a time, not all at once.
You kind of done it the same way as it comes in, which I like. :D

I might make a music video to this one day, but it might get a bit repeatative due to how many times the beats repeat them selves in this song (it's a good thing).

Overall, great song, love it.

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, I prefer to make songs that sink in after multiple listens rather than an immediate initial impact. An animation for this would be damn cool, I love your style. Thanks Lochie. <3
Also, the ending is the way it is because I hate sudden en

Sounds like..

it would be good for a scene where a guy is walking down an alleyway with a machine gun looking around for zombies. :D

Excellent loop you've made here, very creepy.

I like the simplicity of it, basicly it is bass, 2-3 synth notes and some scarey rattling type electroids.

Overall, very awesome..

Whirlguy responds:

Har har that's right. Very simple. Maybe I'll try making some harder to make ambient songs in the future, this was just an experiment afteral. I love ring modulators <3

Thanks for the review :3
And feel free to use it in a flash this halloween ;)

Very nice.

I enjoyed this loop alot, it's nice to just relax too.

Mexifry responds:

The song is better though. :p

I like it.

Sounds really cool, you've got each note spot on.
The beeping noises do get a bit annoying after a while, but that's only because of the instrument, but it's all good.

Keep it up! :D

LoopDaLoop responds:

They do get annoying(lol), but it's part of the song and cant be missed in my opinion.

Thanks for the review.


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